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 It Is a Great Disgrace to Host the Bloody-Minded Foreign Minister of the Head of Terrorists America!


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken first visited Türkiye as part of his Middle East tour. After meeting with Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, Blinken was received by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


Blinken visited Turkey for the second time as part of his Middle East visit following the outbreak of the Gaza war on 7 October. Blinken, who had only met with Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan during his first visit, held a meeting with President Erdoğan this time.

The main topics discussed during the meeting were Sweden's accession to NATO and the sale of 40 F-16 fighter jets to Türkiye. It is stated that the US put pressure on Türkiye not to further delay Sweden's accession to NATO. According to information obtained from sources, the main topic of the meeting was Gaza. Minister Fidan emphasized the need for an immediate ceasefire and uninterrupted humanitarian aid to be delivered to Gaza and called for negotiations on a two-state solution to begin as soon as possible.

Hosting the minister of the bloody-minded terrorist state in Türkiye is a real disgrace. It is a shame for the government to shake the bloody hand of the foreign minister of the head of terrorists, America, which supports the occupying Jewish entity with all its power to further massacre Palestinian Muslims and is the protector of the Jewish entity. Especially Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan's bringing up the two-state solution, which is an evil American plan and includes a betrayal project, and spending all his power for its implementation is literally a betrayal of the glorious resistance of the Muslims of Gaza.

The government tries to let words speak louder than actions. It is trying to feed the Muslims of Gaza with mere words and to save the Muslims of Gaza from bombs with mere words. Despite all the calls of the Muslims of Türkiye to end all diplomatic and trade activities with the Jewish entity and to send the armies to Al-Aqsa, the government turned a deaf ear to all these demands. It remained insensitive and unresponsive to these calls. On the contrary, it has maintained diplomatic and trade relations with the barbaric occupying Jewish entity that massacres and genocides Muslims. While it should have ended these trade relations, on the contrary, it continued to send ships carrying fuel and food from Turkish ports to the ports of the Jewish entity. The government, which fed the occupying Jewish entity that slaughtered Palestinian Muslims with the ships it sent, condemned the Muslims in Gaza to hunger and misery. When the ships carrying fuel and food to the occupying Jewish entity were exposed, the government tried to get out of it by saying that these ships belong to private companies and have no relation with the state.

The government, which makes a great effort to realize American interests in the region, plays ostrich in the face of the attacks to and persecution of Muslims. It does not even lift a finger. The government, which mobilizes all its means for this purpose when America wants, has imprisoned the armies that will put an end to the atrocities in Gaza and uproot the occupying Jewish entity from the blessed lands. On the other hand, the same government does not hesitate to send its army to many regions when America wants.

In sum, the honor and dignity of the Muslims can never be defended with these dead leaders. The atrocities and genocide of the occupying Jewish entity can never be stopped. On the contrary, this occupation can be ended by Rashid Caliphs who see the blood, dignity and honor of Muslims as their own blood, as their own dignity and as their own honor, and all colonialist kuffar who protect the occupying Jewish entity will be put in their place.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Yılmaz Çelik


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