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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Palestine Awaits the Arrival of your KAANs


After UAVs and SIHAs, the Republic of Turkiye now has a "fifth generation jet fighter"... The national combat aircraft "KAAN" successfully made its first flight today (February 21, 2024). Last week, the President visited Egyptian dictator Sisi and after returning, he said, “I invited my dear brother Sisi to Ankara.”


Ranked 11th among the world's most powerful armies and also prominent in the military UAV and armed drone sector, Turkey has now produced a fifth-generation jet fighter named KAAN. But what are we, Muslims, celebrating for? Will these be used to liberate Palestine? For almost 5 months now, the Gazan people, consisting mostly of children and women, cannot find a place to escape death under constant bombardments. For 5 months, fathers have been suppressing their pain, saying, “To whom shall I complain, O Allah?” Palestine has been under occupation for 75 years. For 100 years now, the Islamic world is being sold out to the colonialists. Yet, Erdogan, the owner of these KAANs, and armed drones, and UAVs, comes out saying, “We will not abandon Palestine,” after donating 3 Bayraktar TB2 armed drones to Ukraine in 2022, but has not been able to send a single bottle of water or a slice of bread to Gaza. When has he ever truly been on the side of the oppressed Muslims?

Once gathering Muslims in the squares with the Rabia sign, rallying against Egypt's terrorist Sisi, calling him a “murderous dictator” and gaining the votes of the Muslims with fervent speeches, the same Erdogan now addresses the same terrorist Sisi as his “dear brother”. However, when it comes to Palestine, he cannot even make Sisi, the “obedient dog of Israel”, whom he has approached so fraternally, to open the Rafah border. Now the blessed month of Ramadan is approaching. As usual, the Zionist killer will continue to oppress and crush Muslims with massacres, hunger, and thirst during this holy month. In addition, it restricted the entry of Muslims to Al-Aqsa.

Everywhere we look, there is humiliation, degradation, and helplessness. So, it seems that having the latest technology is not enough to save Palestine, Al-Aqsa, and all Muslims. It requires ideological leadership that can effectively use the latest technology. In the hands of the puppets appointed by the colonial West to preserve their interests and existence by dividing and fragmenting the Muslim lands into 57 secular democratic nation-states, the most powerful weapons and advanced generation war technologies are useless. These puppets never utter a single word against their masters. They never come to the aid of the Ummah and Islam! They regard climbing the ladder of humiliation, in obedience to their masters and filling their stomachs with fire, as gain and victory. Additionally, the palace scholars and opinion leaders, who do not account these treacherous and tyrannical puppets with a single word in their preaches and fervent aid programs, are also among the people of humiliation. In fact, they are the painters of this tableau of humiliation! They are complicit in the massacres and atrocities, just like these treacherous rulers.

We will only be able to use the power we possess for the good of the Ummah, and to save the Ummah, after getting rid of these deceitful, opportunistic, treacherous leaders. Islam spread from Medina to all corners of the world not because the Ummah had powerful weapons or was large in number, but because of its ideological strength. So, in order to be able to stand with the Palestinian people who say “Allah is with us” and to achieve the promise of Allah, work according to the Method of Prophethood to reunite under the umbrella of the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate), for this is the ladder of glory! The Palestinian people, who already say, “Allah is with us,” do not await Turkey's KAANs.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Zehra Malik

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