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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


The Murderer and Terrorist Assad is on his Way to Become my Friend Assad


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said at the Presidential Cabinet Meeting at the Presidential Complex: "We cannot allow the past to encumber our future. With this understanding, we are striving to improve our relations with all actors in our region, starting with our neighbours." (03.07.2024 TRT Haber)


Erdoğan said, "I do not accept Assad as a politician. He is a terrorist who terrorises the state," and now he has started to hold out an olive branch to the butcher Assad, the criminal of the century, with the instruction and directive of his master, the USA. The traitorous and puppet rulers of the Islamic world, including Erdoğan, are spineless. As they are spineless, the Islamic Ummah is accustomed to them making different discourses yesterday and different discourses today, and trying to sell their chameleon-like behaviour to the public with unprincipled and spineless discourses such as "the interests of our country and nation are essential" and "there is no resentment and enmity in politics".

It is well known that Erdogan, in order to abort the Syrian revolution, has been plotting and trapping the sincere revolutionaries by disguising himself as a lamb and pretending to be a "friend" of the revolutionaries. Now he is holding out an olive branch to the terrorist Assad in order to bury the Syrian revolution in the grave and pave it over to prevent its resurrection.

Since servant rulers like Erdogan act in line with the directives and interests of their masters, the colonialist infidel countries, and since they lack an ideology, they have no constants and principles, they have unconstancy and unprinciples. Their only constants and principles are the interests of their masters, America or England, to whom they are slaves.

Extending an olive branch to someone who massacred a million Muslims, displaced millions of them, made them Muhajir in the land of Islam and refugees in the land of infidels, drowned them in the vast seas with little babies in their arms, forgetting all these things, does not fit into humanity, let alone Muslimity.

According to Erdoğan's corrupt logic and mentality, if we are not going to harbour hatred and enmity against the murderer who did these things in the recent past and mercilessly and brutally slaughtered our Muslim brothers and sisters, if we are not going to allow this past to take us under its sway, then we should also allow the events in Gaza and Palestine to take us under its sway.

According to Erdoğan, we should not harbour enmity against the Jewish entity that massacred almost 40 thousand of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza and committed genocide. Even instinctively, a human being nurtures a grudge and hatred against someone who kills his family and brothers and sisters. He seeks ways to avenge them. But it means that Erdoğan is a slave who has lost even his humanity. It is because of such a slavish logic and mentality that the Islamic Ummah is in this state.

No good can come to Muslims from a ruler like Erdogan, who considers the Sykes-Picot flag more sacred than the blood and lives of millions of Muslims, who does not consider an attack on Islamic lands as an attack on himself unless there is an attack on Sykes-Picot lands, who says "we will break the hands" touching the Sykes-Picot flag, but extends his hand to someone who has killed millions of Muslims, who says "Jerusalem is our red line" but continues his trade relations with the Zionist entity that burned and destroyed Jerusalem.

As long as Erdoğan does not look at events and people from the perspective of Islamic ideology, he will not be able to escape from slavery and captivity of the USA. Slavery and bondage have completely captured Erdoğan and blinded his eyes. It does not seem that he will get rid of this slavery and captivity. Only Khilafah can save the Islamic Ummah from such slave and captive rulers and leaders. As long as the Khilafah State is not established, the Ummah will continue to be enslaved by such slave rulers.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Ercan Tekinbaş

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