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The Danish Government Announces a Plan of Combating Antisemitism to Criminalize the Call for the Liberation of Palestine


The Danish government have announced a new plan of combating antisemitism. The government parties and all the other political parties have agreed to this plan. They argue that the plan is based on a report from “The Jewish Community” i.e. the organization of Danish Jews about an increase in reports of Antisemitic incidents after the 7th of October. This plan includes Additional punishments for antisemitic hate crimes, combating online antisemitism, inclusion of material on antisemitism in schools, education and research. The plan aims to give the police and justice system the power to tighten punishments for what they deem to be antisemitic statements, speeches or meetings whenever and wherever they wish to. “The Jewish Community” organization are going to assist in assessing what would be categorized as antisemitism.


The Danish government have been unequivocal in their support of the Zionist occupation, and this newly announced plan of combating so-called antisemitism means combating criticism against the occupation in any way possible by their law. They aim to bend their laws and their so-called freedom of speech to crack down on any form of criticism against the Zionist occupation. They have witnessed an increase in criticism of “Israel” during these lasts 10 months of massacres, bombing and genocide in Gaza and a dramatic shift in public opinion amongst Western citizens with scores of events and protests in favor of Palestine and against the genocide in Gaza.

This is yet another desperate measure from the Danish government to crack down on any opinions that go against their unequivocal support for the Zionist entity and scare people away from talking about the necessity of ending the Zionist occupation by military liberation. Meanwhile, several people have already been indicted or sentenced for calling for the illegal Zionist occupation to be abolished and for Palestine to be liberated, including the Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Denmark.

Freedom of speech and the Western values have been exposed and buried in the ruins of Gaza, and are continuously exposed for the world to see, Muslims and Westerners alike. No legal measures, from the Danish government or otherwise, can stop the call for the liberation of Palestine and for the Zionist entity to be removed through the mobilization of the Muslim armies.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Younes Piskorczyk

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