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Views on the News 20/8/2008

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

UN warns UK about its treatment of Muslims

Recently, the UN told Britain to treat its Muslim population better. UN's nine-member human rights committee, composed of legal experts, said it was concerned "negative public attitudes towards Muslim members of society" continued to be allowed in Britain.
It recommended the Government "should take energetic measures to eliminated this phenomenon and ensure that authors of such acts of discrimination on the basis of religion are adequately deterred and sanctioned." For so long, the West has proudly proclaimed the mantle of ‘justice', but the course it has adopted after September 11 has rapidly diminished this claim. So much so, that its imperialist tool the UN is telling Britain -one of its founding members- to change its behaviour. This is another evidence that Western governments and not Muslims that are responsible for the destruction of western civilization.

Musharraf's resignation: Good riddance but what's next for Pakistan

On 18/8/2008 America's foremost agent in the Muslim world, General Musharraf officially tendered his resignation. After 9 years of spilling Muslim blood the tyrant had finally lost American support for his rule and was quickly abandoned-like a used tissue. But his departure from political scene will not bring an end to America 's war against Islam or American hegemony in Pakistan . On the contrary, those who seek to replace Musharraf- like Zardari and Shareef-remain awfully quiet on America 's relentless bombing of the tribal areas. This is a clear indication that America 's subjugation of Pakistan and its killing of Muslims will get worse. The only salvation for the people of Pakistan is to remove once and for all the decrepit system that produces such tyrants through the re-establishment of the Khilafah "Caliphate".

French suffer heavy losses in Afghanistan

On 18/8/2008 heavily armed resistance fighters mounted one of the biggest attacks in years on Western forces in Afghanistan and this resulted in the death of 10 French crusaders. The high casualties had clearly shaken France . French President Nicolas Sarkozy said," In its fight against terrorism, France has just been struck severely..." Seth Jones, an analyst at the Washington-based RAND Corp., said the latest attacks "targeting U.S. and other NATO forces, and Afghan forces, have become larger and bolder, and they include direct, almost conventional-style attacks. In late 2006 and into 2007, there was a much greater reluctance among the Taliban and other groups to carry out these conventional-style attacks," said Jones, who travels frequently to Afghanistan . The new operations indicate "they clearly believe they are winning now, and it's caused them to be a bit more audacious." So if this is the damage inflicted by a handful of resistance fighters, then imagine what would happen if the armies of Iran and Pakistan aided their brothers in Afghanistan ?

America's deal with Poland draws Russian fury

On 20/8/2008 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice signed a missile defense deal with Poland and predicted that future presidents would not undo the controversial program.

"I believe that the administrations of the future will recognize both the threat that we face and the substantial commitment that our allies have now taken for missile defense," she told a Polish journalist. The deal was stalled until Russia 's military advance into Georgia on Aug. 8. The invasion strengthened Polish public support for the deal. It was less than 50% for many months, but is now more than 60%, a Polish poll showed. Under the agreement, the United States will build and operate 10 interceptor missiles in Poland . Russian officials believe that the plan is the first step in the construction of a huge interceptor system that could neutralize Russia 's vast missile force, leaving it vulnerable to a first-strike nuclear attack. Last week a Russian general said that by approving the deal Poland was opening itself to a potential Russian nuclear attack

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