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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 More than 1000 attended ‘Islamic State Conference’2011 organised by Hizb ut Tahrir Malaysia

SERI KEMBANGAN 30th October 2011 – Muslims from all over Malaysia filled the Perdana Hall of Nouvelle Hotel in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia attending the Islamic State Conference organized by Hizb ut Tahrir Malaysia. Five international and local speakers were invited for this conference, that theme is “DuniaMenuju Khilafah "Caliphate"” (The World Is Approaching Towards Khilafah "Caliphate"). The speakers consist of Ustaz Ismail Yusanto (Hizb ut Tahrir Indonesia Spokesperson), Brother Uthman Badar (Media Representative, Hizb ut Tahrir Australia), Brother Taji Mustafa (Media Representative, Hizb ut Tahrir Britain), Brother Yahya al-Baradei (Activist Hizb ut TahrirPalestine) and Ustaz Abdul Hakeem Othman (Hizb ut Tahrir Malaysia).

In his speech as the first speaker, Ismail Yusanto described the importance of Nusantara (South East Asia) in general and Indonesia in particular as an area which holds the potential for the establishment of the Khilafah "Caliphate". This is based on the extraordinary support by the ummah including the scholars, politicians and members of the security apparatus. He also mentions that the ummah in Malaysia are brothers and close neighbourto Indonesia and that we have to work hand inhand in this effort to re-establish the Khilafah "Caliphate". This is due to the fact that whatever happens in Indonesia will definitely have a bearing on the ummah in Malaysia and vice versa. Thus, if the Khilafah "Caliphate" is established in Indonesia or Malaysia, the unity of the two countries under one leadership is insyaAllah going to be a fact.

Brother UthmanBadar explained about the da’wah efforts of the ummah from the East to the West of the world where there had been awareness among the Muslims concerning the obligation and the rise of the Khilafah "Caliphate". He also mentiones that Hizb ut Tahrir as an Islamic international political party that continuously works in calling for the re-establishment of the Khilafah "Caliphate" is becoming well accepted by the ummaharound the world. With confidence, Brother Uthman reiterated that with the current development occurring in the Islamic world, the re-establishment of the Khilafah "Caliphate" is very nigh, insyaAllah.

In his fiery speech, Brother Taji explained that the West is on the decline in the most important aspect of life, be it economic, political, social and military. As a Muslim living in the UK, he stressed that the ills that are occurring in the West is out of control. They donot seem to be able to find the solutions to their problems. As such, Hizb ut Tahrir have never stopped explaining to Muslims and non-Muslims that the Islamic way of life and the Khilafah "Caliphate" are the solutions to all their grievances. Brother Taji also explained that there is no more hope for the kufr democratic system and that the Khilafah "Caliphate" is the only alternative for mankind as the only true system and a fard for the Muslims.

Brother Yahya al-Baradei spoke in place of Brother IssamAmeera who was unable to attend the conference as he goes for Hajj. Brother Yahya is a Hizb ut Tahrir activist from Palestine and he talked about the problems of Palestine and that the solution to the Palestinian problem is none other than jihad by Muslim armies and the re-establishment of the Khilafah "Caliphate". Only through this means that the illegal Jewish political entity can be eliminated and Palestine be liberated fully. Before his speech, a video by Sheikh Abu Yusuf from al-Quds was presented to the audience. In the video, Sheikh Abu Yusuf mentioned a number of hadith of RasulullahSallallahuAlaihiWaSallam that one day the Khlifah will be established for the second time which will encompass al-Quds and other parts of the world.

Ustaz Abdul Hakeem Othman as the final speaker, with full spirit, concluded the session by presenting facts that the re-establishment of Khilafah "Caliphate" is indeed near enough. This can be seen and felt from various occurrences within Hizb ut Tahrir and the ummah as a whole. He also explained this by referring to the evidences from the Al-Quran and the As-Sunnahwhichpromisethe return of Islamic leadership and its re-establishment is now a matter of time, insyaAllah. All the while, the audience responded with continuous takbir.

The conference reached its apex emotionally and symbolically. The chairpersons, Brother Tarmizi and Dr. Muhammad reached into the audiences by asking them to wave the liwa’ and the rayah while crying out the takbir. With spirit and emotion, the audiences also cried ‘al-ummahturid Khilafah "Caliphate" Islamiyyah’ (the ummah wants Khilafah "Caliphate" Islamiyyah) over and over again. Hizb ut Tahrir Malaysia would like to thank all the participants of the Islamic State Conference consisting of representatives from the government ruling parties, the opposition parties, Non-Government Organisations, academicians, committee members of masajid, student associations and all Muslims who spent the effort to be in the conference. It is hoped that Khilafah "Caliphate" is always in our hearts and together, we shall struggle for its re-establishment.

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