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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Al-Waqiyah TV Series

Talks on the Centenary of the Destruction of the Khilafah

Under the direction of the Ameer of Hizb ut Tahrir, the eminent scholar, Ata Bin Khalil Abu Al-Rashtah, may Allah protect him, Hizb ut Tahrir has launched a global campaign on the anniversary of the tragic destruction of the Khilafah (Caliphate), 28th Rajab 1442 AH / 2021 CE. On this occasion, the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir is pleased to present to its followers and visitors a new video series from Al-Waqiyah TV entitled, "Talks on the Centenary of the Destruction of the Khilafah!" Talks presented are from brothers and sisters from different parts of the world on the anniversary of the Centenary of the Destruction of the Islamic State. Stay Tuned!

Saturday, 01 Rajab 1442 AH - 13 February 2021 CE

#ReturnTheKhilafah #أقيموا_الخلافة
#YenidenHilafet #خلافت_کو_قائم_کرو


Al Waqiyah TV

Sunday, 16 Rajab 1442 AH - 28 February 2021 CE

- Why work for the Khilafah?! -
Ustaadh Abdul Rahman Al-Zeyoud / The Blessed Land (Palestine)

- Appeal to Muslim Youth -
Ustaadh Mahmoud Kar
Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Turkey

Al Waqiyah TV

 Saturday, 15 Rajab 1442 AH - 27 February 2021 CE

- Let the Competitors Compete! -
Ustaadh Abu Hisham / The Netherlands

- The Pledge of Allegiance (bayah) is Obligatory and Commitment to it is a Duty -
Ustaadh Amin Wahdan / America

- Appeal to Muslims -
Ustaadh Abdul Raouf Al-Ameri / Wilayah Tunisia

- Appeal to Scholars -
Ustaadh Abdullah Imamoglu / Wilayah Turkey

Al Waqiyah TV

Friday, 14 Rajab 1442 AH - 26 February 2021 CE

- The Benevolence of the Ummah! -
Ustaadh Khabib Karbaka / Wilayah Tunisia

- A Call to the Ummah's Youth to Unite their Efforts for the Khilafah! -
Nur Rahbar / WilayahTurkey

Al Waqiyah TV

 Thursday, 13 Rajab 1442 AH - 25 February 2021 CE

- Call to the Scholars, Sons & Daughters of Our Ummah to Restore the Era of Islam -
Maryam Nur / Wilayah Turkey


- 100 Years without our Shield -
Sheikh Ibrahim Othman (Abu Khalil)
Official Spokesman of Hizb ut Tahrir/ Wilayah Sudan


Al Waqiyah TV

Wednesday, 12 Rajab 1442 AH - 24 February 2021 CE

- Message to the Youth! -
The Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir/ Wilayah Iraq

Restoring The Khilafah We Lost
by: Ahmad Aman/ America

Al Waqiyah TV

Tuesday, 11 Rajab 1442 AH - 23 February 2021 CE

- Till When, O Muslims? -
Abu Islam/ Sweden


Al Waqiyah TV


Monday, 10 Rajab 1442 AH - 22 February 2021 CE

- A Call to the Ummah to Regain its Looted Authority -
Dora Al-Bakoush / Wilayah Tunisia

- Short Call to Ulema, Youth and Army, Khilafah is the Most Important Obligation -

Abu Amr / Malaysia

Al Waqiyah TV

Sunday, 09 Rajab 1442 AH - 21 February 2021 CE

- Muslims ... The Khilafah is a Matter of Life and Death -
Yousef Arslan / Wilayah Afghanistan

- The Authority of the Ummah is Stolen -

Engineer Osama Al-Thuwaini / Wilayah Kuwait

Al Waqiyah TV

Saturday, 08 Rajab 1442 AH - 20 February 2021 CE

- Realize the Source of your Glory, O Muslims! -
Sheikh Ahmed Haj Ahmed / Wilayah Syria


- The Islamic Ummah and the Work of the Khilafah -

Omar Saad / Denmark


Al Waqiyah TV


Friday, 07 Rajab 1442 AH - 19 February 2021 CE

- The Fall of Caliphate and its Consequences -

Ustaadh Fareez Au Aidan / Malaysia

- Establish it, O Muslims! -

Dr. Al-Asaad Al-Ajaili / Wilayah Tunisia

- The Fierce Attack from the West and its Aides on Islam and its Sanctities -
Dr. Muhammad Afif Shadeed / The Blessed Land (Palestine)

- The Fall of the Caliphate and its Implications -
Dr. Abdur Rafay / America

Al Waqiyah TV

Thursday, 06 Rajab 1442 AH - 18 February 2021 CE

- With the Collapse of the Khilafah, Kufr was able to Dominate the World! -
Ustaadh Burhan Samman / The Blessed Land (Palestine)

- Where were we and where did we reach after the collapse of the Khilafah?! -
Ustaadh Syed Saeb / Sweden


Al Waqiyah TV

Wednesday, 05 Rajab 1442 AH - 17 February 2021 CE

-The Demolition of the Khilafah and the Consequent Scourge of the Ummah!-
Ustaadha Rana Mostafa / Wilayah Lebanon

- The Deficit of Political Programs and Systems! -
Ustaadh Yusef Yauzkan / Wilayah Turkey

Al Waqiyah TV

Tuesday, 04 Rajab 1442 AH - 16 February 2021 CE

- The Ummah is Dressed but Appears Naked -

Ustaadh Muawiya Abdul-Wahhab / Wilayah Syria

Al Waqiyah TV

Monday, 03 Rajab 1442 AH - 15 February 2021 CE

- The bonds of Islam were broken by the loss of the Khilafah -
Ustaadha Yasmine Malek - HIzb ut Tahrir / The Netherlands

- 100 years without Khilafah -
Dr. Ibrahim Al-Tamimi - Hizb ut Tahrir / The Blessed Land (Palestine)

Al Waqiyah TV

Sunday, 02 Rajab 1442 AH - 14 February 2021 CE

- The Destruction of Khilafah and the Subsequent Consequences for the Ummah-

Sam Mohabbet - Hizb ut Tahrir / Denmark

Al Waqiyah TV

Saturday, 01 Rajab 1442 AH - 13 February 2021 CE

- Muslim Countries are Battleground for Colonial Kaffir -
Eng Abdul Lateef Al Shatti - Hizb ut Tahrir /  Wilayah Kuwait


 Isn't 100 Years without a Khilafah Enough?! 
Ustaadha Rola Ibrahim / Hizb ut Tahrir - The Blessed Land of Palestine

Al Waqiyah TV

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