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H.  15 Muharram 1445 No: Afg. 1445 / 02
M.  Wednesday, 02 August 2023

 Press Release
Building Trust with the US Reduces Ummah’s Trust in Us!

US Special Representatives for Afghanistan Thomas West, Rina Amiri and Chief of the US Mission to Afghanistan based in Doha, Karen Decker met with the Foreign Minister of Islamic Emirate, Amir Khan Muttaqi, and other Afghan technocrats and dignitaries for two consecutive days in Doha. According to the press release by US Department of State, ‘critical interests’ were addressed during the meeting. It further went on with mentioning the points as: building trust between the two sides, taking tangible steps accordingly, assessing security commitments, inclusivity, removing from sanctions and blacklists, unfreezing the Central Bank’s reserves, maintaining economic stability of Afghanistan, countering narcotics, human rights and humanitarian needs. Thomas West has called the meeting ‘detailed’ and ‘candid’ and has deemed its continuation necessary for ensuring the two-way interests.

The Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir/ Wilayah Afghanistan declares the following points regarding the so-called meeting:

1. Following the Doha Talks, the meetings over the past two years are nothing but a new Chapter of the US policy (the Carrot and Stick one) towards the Islamic Emirate. Any progress made in these talks with the enemy [US] brings the Islamic Emirate closer to the US-led world order – which is not only in contradiction with Islam and the Muslim Ummah but also reinforces the imposed regimes once again on Muslim lands.

2. On one hand, the US, UN, Western states, and international organizations criticize the conduct of Islamic Emirate through their so-called reports; while on the other, they happen to announce their future programs and strategies as far as the Islamic Emirate happens to align its demeanor as per their desires – the 2023-2025 UN Strategic Framework for Afghanistan as well as the recent report by World Bank are real-life examples that would be frankly putting the independence of Afghanistan under a big question mark, especially right after the end of occupation. Such an effort would once again pave the way for the agenda of colonial powers in the country.

3. Distinguishing between the Taliban officials and technocrats within the Taliban delegation is an alarm for the Islamic Emirate that should be taken seriously. The US indeed relies on technocrats than on Mujahidin within key government institutions of Afghanistan, listening carefully to their expectations, reports and assurances. The United States, the UN and international financial institutions are enforcing their ideas under the pretext of independence of the Afghan Central Bank – because they want to see the Central Bank to be administered by those of the technocrats who are fully committed to the US, UN, IMF, World Bank and other international institutions instead of Islamic Emirate – the aim of which is to ensure their economic colonialism over Afghanistan.

Considering the past history of takeover of power by Mujahideen groups, we once again warn the Islamic Emirate that the approach taken by your government in dealing with the world has been experimented several times by the Muslim Ummah that have resulted to the deviation of Muslims and Mujahideen from the implementation of Islam – leading to an excessive failure. Therefore, before you are bitten again from the same hole, do reassess your relations with them and establish your internal policy based on the comprehensive implementation of Islam and the foreign policy based on Dawah and Jihad. Instead of US, UN and other infidel powers and international institutions, put your trust in Allah (swt) and the capabilities of the Islamic Ummah in order to establish the Khilafah (Caliphate) based on the Method of the Prophethood which would definitely unite the Muslim lands one after another.

«لا يُلْدَغُ المُؤْمِنُ مِن جُحْرٍ واحِدٍ مَرَّتَيْنِ» “A Muslim is not bitten twice from the same hole.” (Consented Hadith).

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