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H.  1 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1435 No: 03/14
M.  Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Press Release
Once Again, Denmark Goes to War in Iraq in Subservience to USA

At an expedited process today, the Danish Parliament unanimously decided to send Denmark to war in Iraq yet again. The military C-130 Hercules Aircraft, which is the preliminary Danish contribution to the US-led action in northern Iraq, is to be used to supply the Kurdish forces with light weapons and ammunition. The contribution also includes 55 men, who are to "ensure transport safety". This time, the pretext is "the humanitarian crisis" in northern Iraq.

The fact is, however, that humanitarian crises have never caused Western politicians to lie sleepless. If we stick to the subject of Iraq, 500,000 children have died as a result of Western sanctions in the 1990s. And if northern Iraq is in a state of humanitarian crisis right now, then Denmark, together with the US, inflicted thousands of humanitarian crises on the Iraqis since "Operation Iraqi Freedom" in 2003. Still today, thousands of Iraqi children are born with severe deformities every year because of the radiation from American nuclear warheads, and since the occupation, over 1 million people have been killed.

When Denmark invaded Iraq with the Americans in 2003, the pretext was the big threat from weapons of mass destruction, the connection to Al-Qaeda and the promise to "save" the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein, whom the West itself brought to power in the first place. All this turned out to be one big lie, and it uncovered the Western politicians' true agenda. Denmark's participation in the war was entirely in subservience to America and a wish to get a piece of the pie. Economically, the profit went to Maersk, and politically, Anders Fogh Rasmussen got his international top position.

Through manipulation, it is once again attempted to legitimize Danish war-participation. Western governments neither have nor will bring the Islamic world any good. The West collectively turns the blind eye to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, which is now in its fourth year. Bashar al-Assad has been given a green light to continue the massacres, as long as it is not done by the use of chemical weapons. Nearly a quarter of a million people have been killed in Syria, yet the media-orchestra is focused on the 40,000 people stranded on a northern Iraqi mountain.

At the same time as Denmark launches into another war in the Islamic world, efforts are made day and night to fight Islam on its own territory; with anti-terror laws, administrative deportations, secret trials and even more legislative proposals are to be presented later this year.
Those politicians, for whom some of the Muslims voted, are now sending Denmark to war in the Islamic world again. Muslim blood is cheap to the Danish politicians.

History shows that the Danish government pursues American foreign policy, whether the government be red, blue or purple. The world sheds no tears for the Muslims, and no help can be expected from the American-loyal Danish government or the American-produced NATO.

Protection for the Muslims can only be achieved by the Hands of Allah (swt) and not through the corrupt UN or the soulless Arab rulers. Allah (swt) promised the Muslims through his Messenger (saw) that security will be established through the establishment of Khilafah "Caliphate", in which the Caliph will serve as their unbreakable shield. A Khilafah "Caliphate" that will, by the grace and permission of Allah, be established soon.

«إنما الإمام جنة يقاتل من ورائه ويتقى به»

"Indeed, the Imam is a shield, behind whom the Muslims fight and protect themselves."

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