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H.  11 Jumada I 1436 No: 05/14
M.  Monday, 02 March 2015

Press Release
Dividing Families is an Official Tool in the Fight against Islam

The past few days, several Danish newspapers have brought the story of how Aaarhus municipality forcibly removed a 15-year old boy from his father based on "suspicions" of radicalization. The boy has since the removal been locked away in a secret secure institution for young criminals, with no contact with his father.

For all Muslim parents, this case should evoke deep concern. One should not focus on the details of the specific case and view it as an isolated incident, but rather, turn the attention to the comments from the Danish politicians, including the Integration Minister, Manu Sareen, who said, "Forcible removals of children from homes, where there is a fear that they might be radicalized, are part of a new form of prevention that we must deal with..." He also said, "If we do not prevent, then we cannot bring an end to extremism, and forcible removals are also a part of this prevention... I think this is reasonable."

The spokesperson on integration for Venstre (liberal party), Martin Geertsen, said, "We stand for hard solutions to problems of radicalization. If young people are on a path to becoming extreme, they must be stopped. In this regard, forcible removal is one of the sanctions, we could use more often".

When the politicians speak in terms of "prevention", it practically means that there does not need to be a concrete case to forcible remove Muslim children from their parents, only a political decision. The very definitions of radicalization and extremism tell us how serious and extensive this matter is for the Muslim community. In the government's action plan from 2014 titled "Preventing Radicalization and Extremism", one can read the following: "Radicalization can appear as support of radical views or an extremist ideology..." Extremism is defined as "Rejecting fundamental democratic values and norms or lack of acceptance of democratic decision-making".

In other words, it is extremism when a Muslim rejects democracy and freedoms, because they contradict Islam and the idea that Allah is The Sovereign reference in all matters of life. If Muslim parents hold on to these fundamental concepts and raise their children accordingly, they risk having their children forcibly removed.

With this, Denmark demonstrates yet again that they are willing to do anything in the fight against Islam and Muslims. They have failed in their attempts to defend the liberal values against mature Muslims, and thus continue to aim their attacks at children and young people. Not with thoughts and arguments, but with thought-control and forceful indoctrination. Those who thought the bottom had been reached before were sadly mistaken.

The Danish state seeks new depths in the moral abyss. Forcefully removing children from their homes, because one does not like their parents' values is not only proof of hypocrisy when they speak of tolerance, pluralism and personal freedom. No, it is also a sign that the Danish state is beginning to show even more totalitarian and fascist traits. Dividing families and forcefully removing their children because of ideological beliefs has historically only happened in the most totalitarian states.

According to the government's own definition, radicalization is not a matter of violence or violent ideas. For the same reason, we will not see children forcibly removed from parents who are members of right-wing nationalist groups that often threaten to burn and bomb mosques in Denmark. Courses are held for teachers, prison guards, youth-workers etc., in which they are taught to identify "signs of radicalization". Among these signs are behaviors that only indicate that the Muslim individual begins to practice Islam and hold on to the Islamic values. Therefore, we call on all Muslim organizations, Mosques and public personalities to declare their opposition and stand united in countering this state-control of Muslim family life. These initiatives can strike any of our children tomorrow!

Junes Kock
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Scandinavia

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