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H.  3 Dhu al-Hijjah 1435 No: 06/14
M.  Saturday, 27 September 2014

Press Release
Denmark Escalates its Participation in the War in Iraq and Syria

Friday the 26th of September 2014, the Danish Prime Minister announced that Denmark will now escalate its participation in the war by sending seven F16 aircrafts and associated personnel. Initially, the Danish fighter jets are to be used for bombardments in Iraq, not because the Danish government has ruled out bombing targets in Syria, but only because the US has not yet requested it.

Once again, the small and insignificant state of Denmark stands in the front line, when the US blows its war-trumpet against the Muslim world. This only serves to underscore that Denmark, regardless of the specific government, is an Islamophobic country with megalomania, always anxious to please the US.

This new invasion is built entirely on lies and deceit - supported, spread and affirmed by willing and uncritical media in service of the politicians. A lie about going to war out of worry for the local population and to ensure Denmark's security. The fact is that this war will only create more instability and suffering, and increase the hatred towards the coalition-countries, including Denmark.

The argument that Al-Baghdadi's group poses a threat of such magnitude that the armies of a large number of countries have to be mobilised, is outright ridiculous.

It is true that, from an Islamic perspective, they constitute a problem, with their unrightful declaration of a Caliphate, their ability to create chaos, and their unlawful killing of Muslims as well as non-Muslims. However, they are no threats to any western state, and their reprehensible actions have only been overexposed in order to justify direct intervention in the region yet again - an opportunity the West has been eagerly waiting for. For a long time, they have planned to split Iraq into three parts, and this now seems to be falling into place. At the same time, the West has had no luck intervening in Syria with the desired outcome, so they have been standing on the side-line for over three years, while the Muslims are being slaughtered. One attempt after another was rejected by the Muslims in Syria, who have, by large, insisted on an Islamic solution. It is only now, that the western states see their chance, and present IS as the greatest evil the world has ever seen.

Meanwhile the Assad-regime has killed a quarter of a million Syrians, using everything from barrel-bombs to chemical weapons, and continues its unspeakable crimes in plain sight of an uncaring world. Now, the West is intervening to target all Islamic groups on the ground, so they can enforce a western agenda at the cost of the blood and will of the Muslims.

The same absurd arguments can now be heard as an echo throughout the western world and in the rest of the coalition-countries. These are not only used to legitimize another war in the region, but also to create a terror-atmosphere in the western countries. As the artificial terror level increases, so does the demonization of Islam and the extent of laws and initiatives aimed at distancing young Muslims from Islam.

There is an increasing pressure on Muslims for them to condemn; not only a certain group or movement, but also fundamental parts of Islam such as Jihad, the black banner of the Prophet and the idea of a Caliphate. They want us to keep condemning, excusing and explaining away until we become empty, submissive shells with no content or effect.

In this regard, it is important to emphasize the correct Islamic stance.

It is crucial that we Muslims do not let ourselves be carried away, but hold fast to the correct Islamic positions and solutions. We cannot accept an invasion and the killing of yet thousands of Muslims in Iraq and Syria. We cannot accept an artificial terror-atmosphere, in which Muslims and essential parts of Islam are demonised. We must, as a community, stand firmly for Islam as it is, without adding or removing. As Muslims, we have to understand that these attacks on Islam and the Muslims will continue and even intensify as long as we have no entity to care for us and protect us. The rulers in the Muslim world have committed treachery of historical dimensions, and their days are numbered. The only thing that can definitively stop all this is the rightly-guided Caliphate according to method of the Prophet (saw). This is a promise and a right from Allah (swt), and when it comes, it will shake the entire world, including the small and insignificant state of Denmark.

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