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H.  5 Rabi' II 1436 No: 02/15
M.  Sunday, 25 January 2015

Press Release
The City of Copenhagen is Rearming in the Fight Against Islam

Today, it could be read in several Danish papers, how the City of Copenhagen now will "counterattack radicalization of young boys and girls in the capital". The City of Copenhagen, is still working on the details of their four-year integration plan, whereby they earlier declared war against the Shariah of the Muslims. The newest escalation in their battle against Islam and Muslims is the establishment of a council of so called "extern experts", under the leadership of the Swedish "terror expert" Magnus Rantorp.

The responsible mayor, Anne Mee Allerslev, said, "It is absolutely crucial, that we have a strong corporation with friends, parents; all those who are close to the boys and girls, who are about to get radicalized. We also need an even closer cooperation with the Muslim communities, than we have already. They should help us, to help the youth".

There are many points in all this, that screams for a comment but we will mention the most obvious.
It is obvious that they will try to divide the Muslim community into two wings; the "moderate" and the "extreme". The purpose is to get naïve Muslims to corporate with the authorities under the cover of it being to the benefit of the community. This division is artificial and the manipulation is obvious when they persist that some of the signs of radicalization- and thereby security threat- are matters like a beard, prayer, headscarf and general compliance to Islamic behavior. This is a clear stigmatization and a direct suspicion of all Muslims, who hold on to the fundamental elements of Islam.

They now want to infiltrate the Muslim communities to an even further extent, than has been done prior and they expect the so-called "moderate" imams and associations to play a larger role than they have done so far. Even Muslim associations, they normally do not want to corporate with, are now considered. This corporation is not only about the alleged security threat, but to a much larger extent about the attempt to stop a development, where still more young Muslims are starting to embrace Islam in a comprehensive way, and make Islam their sovereign reference and foundation for their identity. It is this rejection of secular and liberal values that scares the Danish politicians and is exactly about the values the battle is fought. Imams and associations, who claim, that they call to Islam can in no way participate in a corporation where they are expected to promote a view of life and values that are directly contradicting Islam.

As usual, it is all wrapped in honey-coated platitudes about "helping" the youth, and here the arrogance and self-delusion needs to end. Muslims are in no way in need of help to become dragged down into the sad western culture, where the youth are suffering under the existential vacuum of capitalism, which leads to extended depression, addiction, self-harming and even alarming high suicide numbers. It is clearly the Danish population, that is in need of help to find the correct purpose of life, and here we are more than willing to assist.

To the politicians: You can try to intrude into the Muslim community with manipulation, temptations and threats, but you will never have the same effect as us. We, in Hizb ut Tahrir, will make all Muslims aware of these plans and their actual goals. So-called experts or not, your plans are doomed to fail.

 Junes Kock
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Scandinavia

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