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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 News Right Now: On Bent Knees

Welcome to News Right Now - On Bent Knees

Imran Khan’s recent visit to the United States highlights the strategic role that Pakistan plays in the region. Accompanied by the Director-General of the Pakistani Intelligence agency and the Chief of Army Staff, as well as the Finance Advisor, Imran Khan affirmed his full trust in Trump to normalize relations between India and Pakistan, declaring, “There are over a billion and quarter people in the subcontinent, they are held hostage to the issue of Kashmir, and I feel that only the most powerful state, headed by President Trump, can bring the two countries together.” Sadly, comments such as these further highlight the subservient role that Pakistan plays in executing US policy in the region. To ensure peace with India, the Muslims of Pakistan must make economic, political, and military concessions - all to serve the US goals of countering China and to control the Muslims.

The tragedy is that rather than standing up, capitulation to India only served to get Narendra Modi re-elected earlier this year. Speaking of his efforts with India, Khan said: “We’ve made all overtures to India to start dialogue, resolve our differences through dialogue. But, unfortunately, we haven’t made headways as yet. But I’m hoping that President Trump would push this process,” Khan statement is partially true - in fact, India has made headway and benefited by Khan’s “overtures”, but the Muslims of Pakistan have not.

On the issue of Afghanistan, despite the US’s protracted 18 year war, it has yet to claim victory; either politically or militarily - and it relies heavily on Pakistan to ensure a political settlement. Khan even smirked at Trump’s statement that he could kill 10 million people in Afghanistan. Furthermore, Imran Khan assured Trump:

By his own admission Khan said: ...openly admitting that Muslim blood was sacrificed in the name of US supremacy. Despite his talk of the “Madinah model state”, Imran Khan has been unable to achieve any meaningful change for Pakistan. And how could he since he embraces secular democracy, walks into the jaws of America, naively surrenders to India, and does it all with just a flavor of Islam to appease the masses? Pakistan is in worse shape now; it is more indebted, its security has been compromised to favor India, its economy is weaker than before - all since the rise of Imran Khan.

If ever there was a time for the Muslims of Pakistan to reject their puppet rulers, replace their corrupt secular democratic system, rid themselves of the subservience and reliance on the West, and replace their rotten system with the Khilafah - this is it. In doing so, they could then join their brethren in Kashmir and Afghanistan and show their loyalty to Allah with a stunning show of valor and strength - one that will demonstrate the power and unity of the Ummah.

JazakAmullah khair for joining us. Wasalaam u alaykum wa rahamatullah hee wa barakathu hu.


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