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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 News Right Now: Unaffordable Living

Medicine, clothes, food, gas and every basic need of survival is either impossible to obtain due to low stock or ridiculously priced where the majority of the Egyptian population are struggling to make ends meet. Prices for wheat and bread are soaring high with the grain industry heavily hit hard. Energy and fuel increased prices have met very expensive house bills and little to nothing left for remaining expenditures.

The Egyptian economy is dependent upon large volumes of heavily subsidized imports to ensure sufficient as well as affordable supplies of bread and vegetable oil for its 105 million citizens. Securing those supplies has led Egypt to become the world's largest importer of wheat and among the world's top 10 importers of sunflower oil. However, The Russia-Ukraine war catapulted prices to unsustainable levels for Egypt, increasing the price of wheat by an additional 44% and that of sunflower oil by 32% virtually overnight.

Egypt being a major producer of Gas from the Mediterranean region fields, she has been the one to step up in pumping its produce into Europe as the alternative to Russian gas, which has meant that the gas cylinders for home cooking has increased so much as well affecting all the productive sectors who heavily rely on gas and heating for the producing and care of livestock which in effect is feeding the people of Egypt. when things couldn’t get any worse, the Egyptian currency has hit a record low against the dollar and sunk 20% since the beginning of the year, and is one of the worst-performing currencies in the world this year. The weak pound has exacerbated inflation of 15%, Egypt’s fastest year-over-year rate in nearly four years. All thanks to the US increasing its interest rate without a care in the world for its consequences, Egypt decided to devalue the pound and further burden the lives of its citizens by having no get up plan or agricultural policies or using initiatives to deal with their scarcity reality. They deserted the people to deal with themselves and rather invested their efforts in pleasing America and fulfilling her agenda and needs.

The Sisi regime senses threat to its state, she does what she does best, cries for help and accepts major aids and deposits which only adds to its already debt sunk problems! It’s a vicious never ending loop. And let us not forget that with this borrowed money, the peak of corruption takes place with government officials looting that money and leaving it to the state to repay, which of course it's unable to do and then the usury on those loans eat up more than half of the state’s tax revenues. Dia El-Din Daoud a parliamentarian said “Egypt is facing a huge financing crisis [with] public debt figures increase by 16.8 percent annually, which means that Egyptians currently live in debt.” He stated during a speech in the Egyptian House of Representatives, while discussing the final account of the 2020-2021 budget, that “there are premiums that eat 51 percent of the budget’s spending, which means that Egypt is facing a catastrophe from which there is no escape.”

Egypt is drowning in loans and take out more loans to repay old loans with interest multiplying without an end in sight and they act dumb deaf and blind in following instructions by the IMF. The Sisi regime then has the cheek and nerve to blame population growth to divert its own inabilities and corrupt doings to placate the people of its land. It has been too long where our Muslims leaders have allowed our whole economy and therefore the livelihood of the Ummah to depend on the dollar, who play with their currency and our economies as though we are puppet dolls. This idea of we cannot live with the dollar support is a farce and needs to be uprooted. They have taken loan after loan, sat with the colonial institutions who offer to help bring down debts, yet what has happened? Only further dependency and further suffering for the ordinary citizen having to fend for himself because his leader doesn't care to help. Like we see now in Egypt, where the economy is bleeding dry, this is the story in all our Muslim countries. Now more than ever is the time to realise that any form of friendship or help from the kaffir and West is what will bring us down. They have no interest in helping our states and have no care except for their own benefits regardless of what that means for the sanctity of human life. They care only for their power which lies in the destruction and disunity of the Ummah. They impose and force upon us their disgusting ideas, values and systems, steal from us our resources and expertise, use and abuse until disposal is what's best for them – enough is enough!

Now is the time to re-establish the the systems and values of Allah (swt) which will once and for all rid us of the enemies of Islam and defeat them and uproot their evil ideology which causes nothing but failure and animosity. Allah has promised us victory so why do we stumble? We have all the components to succeed. So let us work earnestly to fulfill our roles in pleasing Allah (swt) in working for his just and fine laws which will truly bring harmony and fairness to Mankind, InshaAllah.

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