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Who Seeks Justice for Muslims from the West and its Institutions chases a Fantasy


The BBC reported on the 14th of January that, "Namibia Criticises German Support for ‘Israel’ Over ICJ Genocide Case.” The article recalls how history records the German colonization of Namibia in which 70,000 people from the Herero and Nama tribes were killed in “the 20th Century's first genocide.” Namibian President Geingob said, "The German Government is yet to fully atone for the genocide it committed on Namibian soil."


In a disgraceful act of hypocrisy Germany has announced on the 12th of January that, "The federal government firmly rejects the accusation of genocide made against ‘Israel’. It has no basis whatsoever. We will therefore speak as a third party in the main hearing before the International Court of Justice." Germans achieved notoriety with two genocidal campaigns in the 20th Century: first against Africans and then against Jews in what is called the Holocaust. Now, Germany, which is second only to the US in supplying weapons of oppression to the Zionist Entity, is going to intervene in the Genocide case brought by South Africa that seeks to stop the slaughter and destruction of Gaza.

The Germans killed thousands of Africans in concentration camps much as the Zionist Entity has turned Gaza into a concentration camp since decades. The parallels between the colonial settler mind-set of the Germans and the mind-set of the Zionists are profound. The Herero and the Nama tribes rebelled against the settlers as they took ever more lands and properties from the indigenous people. So too the Zionists took, and continue to take, ever more from the Palestinians. When the Herero and Nama could suffer the plundering of their resources and enslavement of their people, they rebelled, and massacred over 100 German settlers. This was on the 12th of January, 1904. Crudely, the German government made its despicable announcement of support to the Zionist Settler Entity exactly 120 years to the day since the uprising against their own colonial bestiality.

The revolt against the German colonisers took them completely by surprise and was considered a huge humiliation. Just as today, when Israeli politicians from the highest levels of government froth and foam about destroying Gaza completely and killing indiscriminately the people of Gaza, so to then did German colonizers boast about their savagery. The German general Trotha issued a written proclamation, after recounting how the Herero had massacred German settlers, “whoever hands me one of the chiefs shall receive 1,000 marks, and 5,000 marks for Samuel Maherero. The Herero nation must now leave the country. If it refuses, I shall compel it to do so with the 'long tube' [cannon]. Any Herero found inside the German frontier, with or without a gun or cattle, will be executed. I shall spare neither women nor children. I shall give the order to drive them away and fire on them.” The spirit of colonialism runs deep, and no international organizations and courts will change that.

Today is marked as the 100th day of the war on Gaza (although Gaza has not known anything but war from the Zionist colonisers) and this day is auspicious for another reason. The number of those killed in Gaza, mostly women and children, reached at least 23,968 and that exceeds those killed by the Romanian tyrant Vlad Dracula in 1462 when he pillaged the Ottoman territory of Bulgaria in defiance of Khalifah Mehmed the Conqueror.

Vlad, also known as Vlad the Impaler boasted to the pope about having killed 23,884 Turks and Bulgarians. Under the leadership of the Khalifah an army was sent to put an end to Vlad’s tyranny. Today, however, Muslims have huge armies that are chained in their barracks by vassal leaders who are puppets of the West. Only worse than this is the chaining of the minds that are directed to look for justice from the West and the institutions it established and controls, rather than addressing the agent rulers and the imprisoned armies. Who goes to drink the sea only returns thirstier!

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Dr. Abdullah Robin

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