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Views on the News 11/9/2008

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Czech Muslims complain about Islamaphobia

Muslims living in the Czech Republic complain about a "steep increase in Islamaphobia, anti-Arabism and anti-Muslim moods" in the Czech Republic like in other western countries after terrorist attacks on the USA in 2001, the Libertas Independent Agency says in a report given to CTK on 8/9/2009. "The situation of the growing hatred and xenophobia has escalated to such an extent that it is necessary to launch a national debate on the phenomenon," Lukas Lhotjan from Libertas Independent Agency says. However, Czech government's commissioner for human rights Jan Litomisky said that he did not consider the Czech society's allegedly negative attitude to Muslins a serious problem.

The demagoguery faced by Czech Muslims is no different to bigotry faced by Muslims across the continent. Western governments are at the forefront of programmes specifically aimed at fostering hostility amongst mainstream society against their Muslim populace. Their goal is to dehumanize Muslims and force them to assimilate or face isolation.

Italy forces Imams to recognize the Zionist state

Earlier this week the Italian government pressurized imams in Italy to recognize the Zionist state of Israel , An Italian news agency reported that the government would not hesitate to use brute force in order to deport the imams who refused to acknowledge the Zionist Israel. The Italian government has displayed a hostile attitude towards Muslims especially Masjids. They initially attempted to incorporate all masjids to come under their supervision. Then, they shut or even demolished a masjid like what they did to one masjid in the town of Verona. The government was also trying to demolish an Islamic Center in Milan, as reported in the El Mujtamaa magazine, which was published Kuwait.

Allah says: "And the Jews will not be pleased with you, nor the Christians until you follow their religion."

British school opens its doors to brainwash children of Kazakhstan 's elite

Recently, about 300 students and their parents attended the opening ceremony at of Haileybury Almaty, the first British private school in Central Asia. Haileybury, a private British school founded in 1862 in Hertford Heath, Its best-known alumnus was Britain's post-war Labour Prime Minister, Clement Attlee. Haileybury was already a favorite among wealthy Kazakhs who started sending their children to Western schools in the 1990s."Haileybury always had Kazakh children," said school governor Jean Scott. Tuition fees are between $16,000 and $20,000 a year, the school is off-limits to most Kazakh families. The average monthly wage in Kazakhstan, a resource-rich former Soviet republic, is $500.

Warming US ties with Libya: What does it mean for other Muslim countries

On her trip to Libya, US secretary of state Dr Rice said," After many, many years it is a good thing that the US and Libya found a way forward... I do believe that it has demonstrated that the United States doesn't have permanent enemies. It demonstrates that when countries are prepared to make strategic changes in direction the United States is prepared to respond." Earlier she described the visit historic, as she became the first US secretary of state to visit for 55 years and held a meeting with Kadhafi to seal a US-Libya rapprochement. There are two reasons for America's strategic shift in ties with Libya . First, America desperately needs access to alternative sources of cheap oil to fuel its economic growth over the next decade or so. Second, America believes that the British have done their utmost to rehabilitate Kadhafi from his pariah status and he is now ready to play a constructive role in the region. With Syria's offer of peace talks with Israel, and increased diplomatic contacts between the US and Iran, it appears that next US administration will focus more on fighting the Islamic resurgence in Pakistan.

America on Maliki: He works for us but we still don't trust him

The recent revelation in Bob Woodward's book about the US spying on Maliki have raised more than eyebrows in the Arab world. "We know everything he says", according to one source cited by Woodward. Rather than refuting the allegations spokeswoman Dana Perino statements only incriminated the Bush administration. She said," Our Ambassador sees him daily and the President speaks to him by secure video teleconference at least every week. We know what he thinks because he tells us in a very candid way." So despite America's best efforts to coach Maliki on a daily basis, the US still does not trust him.

Bush expects Zardari's to spearhead America 's slaughter of Muslims in Pakistan

Earlier this week President Bush welcomed Zadari's election as President of Pakistan.

"The United States congratulates Asif Ali Zardari on his election as president. President Bush looks forward to working with him, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and the government of Pakistan on issues important to both countries, including counterterrorism and making sure Pakistan has a stable and secure economy," said US national security spokesman Mr Johndroe. "Mr Zardari has promised a tougher fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda extremists ensconced in the nation's tribal areas," added the New York Times.

Indian police fire on unarmed Kashmiris

At least 60 people have been injured when police opened fire on demonstrators protesting against planned elections in Indian Kashmir. Indian police fired bullets, teargas shells and used batons to disperse hundreds of demonstrators in Srinagar , Kashmir 's summer capital on Monday 8th of September. Muslims called a one-day strike to denounce the Indian-held elections, saying they strengthen New Delhi 's hold over the region. Shops, schools and businesses were closed across Kashmir on Monday. Kashmiri have boycotted all elections held in the region since 1989.

China intensifies oppression of Uyghur Muslims during Ramadan

This Ramadan, China has stepped up restrictions on its Muslim Uyghur population. Women are forced to uncover their faces in public by police, while restrictions on teaching Islam to Uyghur children are enforced. "We are...checking the identities of those who have beards or mustaches, and women who cover their faces...," an officer who answered the phone at the Charbagh village police station, in Lop County, Hotan prefecture. "We uncover the faces of veiled women by force if necessary. We also arrest anyone teaching religion to children illegally," he said, adding that police were also helping to enforce a ban on Muslim restaurant closures in Ramadan. Exiled Uyghur groups said Uyghur government cadres throughout Xinjiang had been forced to sign "letters of responsibility" promising to avoid fasting, evening prayers, or other religious activities. China is home to up to 11 million Uyghurs, a Turkic-speaking minority group that formed two short-lived East Turkistan republics in the 1930s and 40s during the Chinese civil war and the Japanese invasion.


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