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Views on the News 6/11/08

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Obama's victory will not change America's foreign policy in the Muslim world

Despite the feeling of elation expressed by some Muslims at Obama's victory, very little is about change in the way America treats the Muslim world. Obama has gone on record to support the Israeli hegemony over Palestine. He has also tapered his commitment to withdraw immediately US troops from Iraq and has placed the burden of troop reduction on army commanders. On Pakistan both he and Biden-vice US president- have outlined tough American action against Pakistan's tribal belt. Even his comments on engaging Iran should be taken with a pinch of salt, as like Bush he has refused to take the military option off the table. Muslims must realize that a black president does not spell a change in foreign policy. Currently America is at war with Muslim world and Obama will be its commander in chief.

Bulgaria has the largest concentration of Muslims

Bulgaria has the highest relative share of Muslim population in the European Union - more than one tenth. Professor Peter-Emil Mitev revealed these findings at a conference entitled "The intercultural agreement - pledge for the development of the contemporary society". According Mitev Muslims in Bulgaria are all Turkish people. The breakdown of the main ethnic groups in Bulgaria is the Bulgarians - 83% of the population, the ethnic Turks - around 9% and the Roma people - nearly 5%. The findings reveal that Turkey had a glorious Islamic past and through the Ottoman Caliphate new lands were opened up and Muslims settled in these lands. Today, Muslims living both in Turkey and Europe find themselves exposed to a vicious onslaught orchestrated by Europe's elite and those who seek to join this club.

Vatican opens dialogue with Muslims

In an attempt to improve relations with the Islamic world, the Vatican opened a three-day Catholic-Muslim seminar on 4/11/2008. Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, the president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, who is presiding over the meeting, said it marked "a new chapter" in Vatican-Muslim relations. Two years ago, Pope Benedict XVI offended Muslims when he quoted a medieval text that called some teachings of the Prophet Muhammad "evil and inhuman." Despite this insult, 138 Muslim scholars wrote to Benedict and other Christian leaders, urging them that Christian and Muslims should work together.

Indian government employs draconian measures to subjugate Kashmiris

On 6/11/2008 Authorities in Indian-administered Kashmir have imposed a curfew in the mainly Muslim Kashmir valley to prevent a proposed march by Muslim groups. The march has been called to commemorate the "killing of Muslims" by in the mainly Hindu Jammu area in 1947. Kashmir was then ruled by a Hindu monarch who mercilessly subjugated Kashmir's Muslim populous. In August Hundreds of thousands of people joined four marches organized by Muslim groups. The unprecedented outpouring of public support has worried the Indian government, so much so that the government has reverted back to heavy handed tactics in order to suppress Muslims. Ironically, Pakistan once an avid defender of Kashmiri Muslims has turned a blind eye to the plight of the Kashmiris and is eager to normalize its relationship with despotic Hindu regime.

Morocco: Far better to Ban the regime for insulting Islam

On 4/11/2008 The Moroccan government banned an issue of the French magazine L'Express International, claiming it insults Islam in articles exploring the relationship between that religion and Christianity. Khalid Naciri, the Information Minister, said he had to ban the issue because of the "offensive" articles. The cover carries the headline "The Jesus-Muhammad Shock", which is also the title of a book by Christian Makarian, one of the magazine's editors. Mr Naciri did not specify what was offensive, but implied the material "could be prejudicial to our religion or undermine public order". Apart from this publicity sent, does not Khalid Naciri realize that the regime he serves is far bigger violator of Islamic rules and regulations. As the information minister it is about time that Naciri fulfilled his role and exposed the crimes committed by Morocco's regime for insulting Islam.

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