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H.  17 Ramadan 1435 No: 01/14
M.  Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Press Release
Attacks on the Islamic Headscarf - a Sign of Intellectual Bankruptcy

For the past few days, the Danish media have once again formed the arena for another round of controversy about the Islamic headscarf. This time based on the negative reactions that our Muslim sisters face, when in public.

Although it is sad reading, it is by no means "news" that Muslim women in Denmark are harassed both verbally and physically on a daily basis, because their clothing shows that they are Muslims. This has been the reality for many years.

It is curious that the headscarf is accused of contributing to the creation of rifts between the communities by acting as a symbol that its wearer has resigned from the Danish society. The fact is that the Danish politicians and media are the ones who have persistently been spreading intolerance and Islamophobia, thereby creating rifts in the society.

Through the years, politicians from across the spectrum have expressed how they feel "provoked" by the Islamic headscarf, because they believe that it symbolizes a backward and oppressive view of life. Many of the Danish media have followed the same mantra for years, and with their biased and manipulating coverage of all matters regarding Muslims, nationally as well as internationally, they have contributed to the negative polarization.

All this, to create a hateful atmosphere, which can legalize discriminating laws locally and participation in occupations and killings of Muslims internationally.

Decades of hateful rhetoric have created an anti-Islamic public atmosphere, in which cowards can attack Muslim women verbally and physically in bright daylight, and still the following day's debate will be about how big of a problem the Islamic headscarf is. All the while Denmark tops the sad statistics on violence and harassment against women in general.

The good news, however, is that none of this deters our Muslim sisters from wearing the headscarf with pride. Not because they see it as part of their personal freedom, but only because they see it as an order from their Creator.

Likewise, we rejoice in the fact that more and more women with western backgrounds choose to embrace Islam and wear the Islamic attire.

When people resort to intimidation and verbal and physical harassment, it is because they have run out of arguments. What we are witnessing here is intellectual bankruptcy.

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