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H.  14 Muharram 1432 No: 10-10
M.  Sunday, 12 December 2010

Press Release
A sincere advice to the Swedish media from Hizb ut Tahrir - Scandinavia

In recent days some Swedish media have attempted to create a link between Hizb ut Tahrir (HT) and the "Swedish Bomber" by introducing malicious rumours and unfounded assertions. Hence we feel obliged to point out the following:

  • HT is a political party aiming at re-establishing the Islamic State (the Khilafah "Caliphate") in the Islamic world. The people there yearn for a change of system. A change of system, which will replace the existing despotic regimes with a just Islamic System, that harmonizes with the people's values and belief. In the West the party aims at preserving the identity of the Muslims as well as eliminating the prevailing biases against Islam, created by some media and politicians through rabblerousing and lies. The party clarifies the systems of Islam for those interested In debate based on reason. Furthermore, it shows how Islam is an alternative to Capitalism, which is causing major financial, political and social problems to society.
  • The method used by HT in order to obtain its objectives is entirely political. HT has existed for more than 55 years and it is well-known - inside as well as outside the Islamic world - that HT does not use violent measures to obtain its objectives despite attempts to criminalize the party, and despite of the oppression conducted by dictatorships against members of HT inside and outside of the Islamic world. Various acknowledged researches and investigations affirm this. Among these investigations, is are those conducted by the Danish public prosecutor in respectively 2004 and 2008 in which the following was concluded: "There was nothing unlawful in neither the aim, activities nor the work of the party." This fact cannot be deluded, simply through a couple of banal and frivolous newspaper articles.
  • The position of HT on the killing of civilians is also well known. Islam unequivocally forbids the killing of civilians regardless of place, and even during military conflicts Islam clearly distinguishes between civilians and non-civilians. Therefore we received the news of the Stockholm bombing with great worry as some people could use this incident to demonize Islam and Muslims in order to promote their own political agenda.
  • Sweden is not known as being an intolerant or closed society as far as foreigners are concerned, as is the case with other Scandinavian countries and the rest of Europe; hence Sweden does not suffer from the same tensions in the society. If Sweden is to continue to be such a society, every demagogue should be prevented from inciting hatred. We know from experience how easily xenophobic ideas have taken roots in Europe. These xenophobic ideas can rapidly cause stigmatization, hatred, discrimination and violence, while the worst-case scenario could be expulsion or even wars. In this perspective, the Malmo sniper can be regarded as an early warning. Henceforth all parties in the community carry a responsibility to prevent such a negative trend in society, which is why we encourage every sensible Swedish citizen and media not to imitate their neighbouring countries as to the rabblerousing and demonization of Islam and Muslims, as this has only led to a dangerous polarization in society.
  • Finally, we approach the sensation-mongers among the media: If you really are interested in exposing the people who promote fanatic hatred against the West and impel some youngsters into extremes, then you will not find these types of people in a political party as HT. However, we will provide you with a modest list of likely reasons behind such hatred:

1. The occupation of Muslim countries, expulsion of innocents, torture and massacre of civilians in order to bring "democracy" to these countries. This so-called democratization practically means consolidation of the influence of Western governments in the Muslims world through puppet regimes, which consist of warlords and corrupt politicians, as is the case in Afghanistan and Iraq.

2. Repeatedly aggression and killing of innocents in Palestine committed by the Jewish occupying force, which constantly is supported by Western governments and media.

3. The support of Western governments to numerous dictatorships in the Islamic world where the populations suffer from tyranny and oppression.

4. The interference of Western governments in the Muslim countries in order to exploit the natural resources ruthlessly to the joy of Western industries while the populations in these countries live in poverty.

5. The integration policy of the Western governments, which aim at assimilating Muslims in the Western way of life as well as prohibiting the Muslims from their right to preserve their Islamic values and identity.

6. The legalization of mockery of Muslims, and additionally urging to insult under the pretext of Freedom of Speech.

We recommend the sensible and responsible journalists to convey these points if they wish to contribute to eliminate the breach between the Islamic world and the West. Although we are aware of the fact that there will always be irresponsible journalists who wish to contribute to the existing Islamophobia, because they see it as an easy way to achieve fame, even if it is through dishonest articles, or result in fatal consequences for society in general.

 Chadi Freigeh
Hizb ut Tahrir - Scandinavia Media Representative

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